Australia At Risk Through Voter Fraud

John 10/3/2019

Here’s what we can look forward to when deciding who is going to govern the country in a couple of months. Massive voter fraud.

It seems federal MPs don’t have the courage to overhaul the Federal Electoral Commission or the loopholes in the legislation to fix the massive voting fraud.

In a report on the conduct of the 2016 federal election there were a whole heap of issues raised and 2 main recommendations put forward. One was that voters must present a form of acceptable identification for early poll vote or an election day vote. This would include photo ID, a drivers’ licence, a passport or a proof of age card. Also a government issued card such as a Medicare card or a Seniors card, or proof of address such as from a utilities provider.

A second recommendation was that a national rollout of electronic lists should be in operation prior to the 2019 federal election. When you vote your name will be automatically taken off the list so you cannot vote twice.

Nothing has been done in nearly 3 years on these vital issues.

Let’s take the seat of Herbert in 2016 in Nth Qld. They established long after that there were 50 letters sent out to multiple voters. No one was fined over this. Herbert was won by 37 votes. Tony Abbott lost to Julia Gillard in the 2010 election by 1100 votes in 2 electorates.

In 2013 and 2016, a total of 18,000 letters were sent out accusing people of voting 2 or more times. But they simply deny it and there’s no prosecution. What’s more, there has never been a prosecution.

The same sex marriage plebicite was conducted by the Bureau of Statistics who got the roll from the Aust. Electoral Commission, and sent out letters for a yes or no vote. 248,00 letters came back as a result of no one by that name known at that address.

Who is cleaning the rolls?

In 2013 Cive Palmer won Fairfax by 35 votes?

16,000 voters got away with voting more than once at the 2010 election.

How can we be sure that the people who we elect are legitimate?