The Student’s Ill-Advised Climate Strike

John 16/3/2019

How would you feel if some dodgy teacher smelling of mung bean fart and dripping with green sanctimony tried to push this climate rubbish onto your child?

The standard leftist propaganda regarding climate change is being taught in our schools by teacher/activists. Consequently, the students are coerced into taking a day off to protest this nonsense. The gullible brainwashed students don’t realise the consequence of their actions.

Somebody needs to tell them that reducing Australia’s emissions will not make one iota of difference to the climate. I’m assuming they’ll all want jobs when they finish their degrees. Shutting down industry is not the way to go.

Unfortunately the youth of today have never been taught to exercise an independent mind. It’s all leftist group think. The students have yet to contribute to the economy but want to dictate to those who pay the piper. If they were so serious about this issue they would have protested on a Saturday so the gullibles in gainful employment may have been able to join them.

Air conditioners in their homes and cars, iPhones, driven to school in 4WDs, and cooking with gas or electricity. Hot baths and showers etc. and the list goes on. These are the benefits of living in a modern Australia. Yet these gullible children are brainwashed into believing that this can continue without reliable power or industry.

So, to follow up on their climate strike, the kids need to switch off their air conditioning units in the classrooms this summer and ride bikes to school, instead of Mummy dropping them off in their Range Rover.

I would also like each of the children to write down exactly what they want the Government to do. Just waving a banner demanding action is not enough. Your own thoughts please in your own words. Please don’t accept help from any adult.

Through the Australian Youth Climate Coalition the wife of former GetUp national director and Greens candidate Simon Sheikh has been able to infiltrate schools and politically indoctrinate children throughout Australia. The Australian education system has failed us by allowing this to happen. Our state and federal governments must take action to make our schools safe from activists.

Unfortunately, most teachers agree with this nonsense. There are people who are teaching who dropped out in year 10. They have no knowledge of maths, chemistry or physics, but as long as they toe the line and pass on the sponsored propaganda they are safe in their jobs.

In the real world, climate and renewable energy concerns lag way behind economic, employment, healthcare, immigration, national security and a host of other worries. Fossil fuels are still 80% of our energy. Real evidence for “man made climate chaos” is sorely lacking. And despite repeated assurances to the contrary, few countries are doing anything to reduce their oil, gas or coal use, or their greenhouse gas emissions.

These protests are happening in a number of countries – where is the money coming from?

The Australian newspaper reported in January 2019 that GetUp received a large foreign donation from the European Climate Foundation (ECF) “to promote climate change education”, and was declared just days before a January 1 cut-off date under new federal laws banning foreign political donations to “political actors”.

The ECF in turn receives funds from ClimateWorks (check it out on the European Parliament website), a multi-billion dollar, US-based activist organisation which disperses over $50 million per year in grants and whose stated objectives, through their “Designed to Win” (DTW) strategy are (a) lobbying to promote “renewable” energy sources through taxpayer subsidies to utilities around the world (b) to spur private investment toward favored alternative forms of energy such as wind and solar and (c) to mold the politics of each target country to provide
special favors for those forms of energy.

The way in which they achieve this is (a) to manipulate the politics in diverse political cultures and (b) channel funds to national organisations with inside knowledge of local politics and cultures (direct quote from their DTW document).

Sound familiar? GetUp is just the Australian part of a much bigger left-wing strategy. Interestingly, ClimateWorks was blacklisted in India in 2014 when its Intelligence Bureau ruled ClimateWorks and its grant recipient, Greenpeace, “a threat to national economic security.” Why cant the Australian Government act in a similar way – and blacklist ClimateWorks and its Australian ‘branch’ GetUp?

Whether you believe in climate change or not, are the parents really comfortable having their children gathering in large numbers at such a well-advertised public demonstration? Australia’s national security organisation has set the threat level as ‘Probable’. It is time for all thinking parents, teachers and school management to take off the rose-coloured glasses and think about the safety of the kids.

The kids on the Gold Coast got it right. They went to the beach instead and surfed the same beaches their grandfathers did, the beaches that haven’t changed one iota because of supposed sea level rise.

By the way, last night in the grid energy generation:
Wind = 4%
Gas = 18%
COAL = 69%