Greens Want 100% Renewables By 2030

John 29/3/2019

The brain dead Greens want Australia to be 100% reliant on renewable energy by 2030, and stop all thermal coal exports and close all coal-fired power stations. No matter that current coal exports bring in $25 billion dollars each year to the economy.

Here’s how this insanity will pan out and how much it will cost compared to building a new clean coal-fired power station.

Take the Liddell Power Station in the NSW Hunter Valley as an example. Each one of the four generator units operating at Liddell have 500 MW installed capacity, so 2,000 MW in total available with an efficiency level of around 98%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Capital Wind Farm has 67 wind turbines with installed/nameplate capacity of 140 MW, when the wind blows but when nobody knows. On average a wind farm delivers around 30% of capacity, intermittently. So 140 MW is on average only 42 MW. Therefore to produce the same amount of energy produced by just one Liddell generator unit would require 804 of these wind turbines. To match the Liddell Power Station energy production therefore would require 3,216 wind turbines.

And next add the wind turbine back up generators needed for when the wind isn’t blowing.

To feed through to backup of pumping or batteries will lose 20% of the output, so you need to go to 3,860 units.

The big units need about 9 hectares of cleared land around them. That adds up to around 350 square kilometres of cleared land in perfect locations, of which there are few.

That’s also about 4,000 kilometres of extra power lines.

Plus a 15,440 MW bank of pumps and a new 2,000 hydro generators and dams system a for a few billion extra. That would add $30-40 billion on top of the cost of the wind farms themselves. Maintenance of that massive system would cost more than maintaining the coal fired plant. Then add the cost of throwing away the wind units every 20 years.

If one of those Liddell Power Station units is down for a fault or for maintenance, the other three will take up the slack and no one will notice the difference.

However if the wind does not blow, or if it blows too hard, every one of those 3,216 wind turbines will shut down and the power generation will fall to zero.

The cost to replace the Liddell Power Station with a brand new one would run to around $6 Billion.

Meanwhile, as the transition to unreliable energy continues our electricity pricing rises, businesses fail, eventually only the very well off people will be able to afford power.

The Paris Agreement and related emissions target is undermining our economy and our way of life, putting national prosperity in decline.

Like a disease attacking the human body, the Greens have morphed from a benign tumor into the equivalent of a full blown aggressive cancer. Their whole purpose is to destroy the organism (our modern western society) cell by cell (individuals) and organ by organ (institutions such as media and education). Once they get into the blood stream (the economy) they will accelerate exponentially.

The irony of this is there will be no Utopia with the Greens as a totalitarian ruling class, it will merely create an underclass where someone will walk in and take over (China, Indonesia, India?).

If only the Liberal/National Party would make a stand against this madness. Green energy, immigration, death taxes, windmills, blowing up power stations, stopping gas search, closing forests and on it goes. Then we have to get rid of herbivores because they fart methane.

To vote to utterly destroy our country is beyond comprehension. No fishing, no agriculture, no cars, no power, no exports, no wealth. For what? To save the planet? That doesn’t even make sense.

Morrison needs to bring back Abbott and take the Green/Labor policies head on. Abbott and Morrison made sense. As the Green vote is collapsing in the US, so it could in Australia. Green policies are not caring sensitive policies, they are unbelievable economic vandalism and beyond stupidity. Surely no turkey votes for an early Christmas?

As the Liberals/National Party have nothing to lose now, why are they marching towards the cliff? Why not make a stand? Why not dismantle the RET and drop electricity prices, drop gas prices, open gas exploration, restart manufacturing. Councils have even stopped recycling, as the recyling companies are going broke. Everything is going to land fill. No one can afford the energy to recycle.

Do the Green eco-freaks really think anything that man does can overcome what mother nature has in store for us?