Palaszczuk Climate Adviser Is Also An Anti-Coal Green

John 5/3/2019

A senior climate change adviser to Queensland’s Labor Government is also a key strategist driving the Greens’ aggressive federal election campaign attacking the state’s coal industry.

Kirsten Lovejoy is one of a clutch of veteran environmental activists now holding influential positions within the State Environment Department, which has stalled Adani’s Carmichael coal project in central Queensland.

Ms Lovejoy, principal policy officer for the department’s climate change and sustainable futures section, was last year appointed to the Queensland campaign committee of the Greens, who want the the Adani mine stopped.

Climate Change and Sustainable Future Section? There must be a few bureaucrats laughing at that irony. There will be no sustainable future if these looney Greens get their way. If they think living in a society that has no base load power, no mining and no agriculture represents a sustainable future, they’re insane.

This is a shameful conflict of interest. Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation. State ‘Environment Departments’ attract environmental activists when job opportunities arise, a situation made worse by the large number of leftist University Students undertaking degrees in ‘Environmental Science’ who then look for a job. Where else does an ‘Environmental Science’ graduate get a job but in Government or a University? The system is broken. The solution is to get rid of State Government Environment Departments completely and include environmental assessment within the appropriate Resources Development Departments.

Stopping Adani is economic vandalism, pure and simple. North Queenslanders need the jobs. India needs the coal to liberate millions of its population burning cow dung and enduring appalling poverty. It would be a win for the environment and humanity.

Mining creates the jobs and wealth that underpin the standard of living for Queenslanders and the rest of Australia, whereas renewable energy projects cost jobs and destroy wealth.

With the abundance of coal in this country and the outside worlds craving to harness it, the jobs now dependent and our reliance on the vast income generated, a sensible person would be pleased.

But both major parties have succumbed to pandering to the noisy inner city virtue signaling minority at the expense of the nation. For them, politics is about the climate change fashion and has nothing to do with the good of the nation or the environment. Time for mainstream Australians to wake up and place their votes elsewhere.

The Queensland Govt is between a rock and a hard place. Either they get the mining jobs for the workers and lose the latte seats (including Trad’s) in Brisbane, or they keep the latte seats and lose the jobs and the votes in North Qld.

But the power of the Labor/Green ideology swamps all Treasury maths as they focus on killing their golden goose.

It’s probably no point criticising these people, or the brain dead voters who put them into office. Their ignorance is smothered by their self-righteousness.

The Green barbarians are inside the gate…